The VR Treehugger experience project explores human perception through bleeding edge tech and is set to unveil the first chapter of Treehugger Wawona - an interactive installation that combines today’s cultural hunger for mind-blowing experiences with art, environmentalism and technology…
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    How do you build a successful 360 degree brand for a pre-school audience? The answer to this question comes from Finland! Our programme is constantly updated with content and presentation of speakers, check it out!Anttu Harlin, co-creator and CEO of Gigglebug Entertainment,…
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  • A good start to ThinkJam Day 2 : ‘Did anybody had nightmares or reflections on the event since yesterday?, asks...

  • This year Financing Forum for Kids Content is celebrating its 10 years anniversary, so Anette Brejner opened the event by...

  • Next session of the ThinkJam includes local kids. Most of the multilingual. They are divided into groups with the filmmakers....

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  • The Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö, Sweden is an annual, international three day co-production forum for children's media content.
    20-30 projects in development are pitched for 50+ international decision-makers and experts + 150 producers and distributors.

    Started in 2007 by it's current Creative Director, Annette Brejner, the Forum kicks off with the Opening Industry Day, organized in collaboration with KIDS Regio and features high profile keynotes, seminars and case-studies for film professionals. The Forum provides industry network, engaging tools and knowhow for independent producers, distributors and decision-makers of Children’s Screen Content.

    We are driven by our deep insight in industry matters, huge international network and the collaboration with funders, funds, experts and institutions, that all are specialists in dealing with the needs of independent producers & distributors and in knowledge sharing in business strategies and development.

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Advisory Board

  • The Advisory Board of The Financing Forum for Kids Content is appointed by the members of The Financing Forum team and serves as an advisory body to The Financing Forum.

    The Advisory Board together represent a broad base of knowledge relating to all types of media content for children and young people as a target group.

    Furthermore, the Advisory Board members ensure a large measure of international knowledge and experience on production, co-production, distribution and financing. Advisory Board members act as ambassadors for The Financing Forum for Kids Content.

    The Advisory Board commits to engage in The Financing Forum and its objectives and contribute to The Financing Forum with knowledge and inspiration.The Advisory Board will also contribute with ideas for development in relation to the Forum's future direction and profile. 

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