We have invented a new term: Fast financing.


We have invented a new term: Fast financing.

Fast financing must beis a label, we can set put on the project  ”The Girl, The Mother and the Demons” by Suzanne Osten, which was pitched by Osten and producer Agneta J Bergenstråhle, Fundament Film Stockholm, at The Financing Forum in March 2015, which is now finished and will be  onow Opening in April. 15

The Financing Forum has helped us so that we actually could put together our financing in half a year, which is a really short time for a children feature, especially with this topic!  We, who produce for children and youth regard The Financing Forum a very important platform for our project presentations
- says Bergenstråhle

In an apartment, Siri, a single and psychotic mother, locks herself up with her daughter. Demons are in charge here. Ti can hear her mother talk to the demons, she can see her mother’s transformed and closed expression. But Ti can neither see nor hear the demons her mother is talking to. The situation becomes dangerous when the demons entirely take over Siri’s world. Really dangerous. Siri is no longer Siri. It’s as if she has been transformed into a demon herself. To survive, Ti engages her imagination to conquer her mother’s demons.

Inspired by experiences from her own childhood, Suzanne Osten’s film tells a the vivid and touching story that is as vivid as it is touching about a child’s love for and loyalty to her parent. No matter what.

In 2015, Osten was appointed to be Sweden’s first Children’s Film Ambassador by the Swedish Film Institute and you can get introduced to her and producer Agneta J Bergenstråhle, when they re visit the Forum.:

Make your Accreditation before February 25th

”The Girl, The Mother and the Demons” is selected for the main competition at BUFF filmfestivalfilm festival and is distributed in Sweden by TriArt, in Iceland by Bío Paradís and in Denmark by Øst for Paradis.

This years PIXEL LAB is now open for applications


The Lab accepts applications from producers with or without projects, and takannually etakes 20 of each.



With storytelling at it’s core, The Pixel Lab is the ultimate workshop for anyone wanting to strengthen their ability to engage with audiences and utilise virtual and augmented reality formats, interactivity and cross platform approaches to build their IP and media brand.Attending as a producer without a project provides the full benefit of meeting and interacting with all of the experts and producers ion the Lab, and getting a broader overview and insight into the world of cross-platform development. They You would also have plenty of opportunity for one to one meetings with any of our resident experts to develop a project youthey may have, which is in too early a stage to be eligible for the Lab itself.


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