The Financing Forum for Kids Content starts next week, March 15th at 13:00 in Malmö - Two prominent political profiles inaugurate the 10th Anniversary Edition!

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The Financing Forum for Kids Content starts next week, March 15th at 13:00 in Malmö -  Two prominent political profiles inaugurate the 10th Anniversary Edition!

Maria Ward, President of Region Skåne's Cultural Affairs Committee, Sweden and Malte Krückels, State Secretary for Media and Representative of the Free State of Thuringia for Federal Affairs, State Chancellery of Thuringia, Germany will open the 10th Financing Forum for Kids Content, Malmö on March 15th.

The Financing Forum for Kids Content, which is hosted by Film i Skåne, is celebrating its 10th edition from March 15th - 17th in Malmö, Sweden. Since its second year in 2008, The Forum has collaborated with KIDS Regio, the lobby initiative for children’s film in Europe. The collaboration has become close, strong and more and more fruitful during the years, fostering a joint initiative -
The Opening Industry Day which adds an important capacity-building aspect to The Financing Forum.

“I’m very happy about KIDS Regio’s close collaboration with The Financing Forum for Kids Content, which goes into its 7th year. The Opening Industry Day is one of many initiatives that has evolved from this close relationship and I can proudly say that it has been established as an annual knowledge exchange hub for professionals dealing with the development of children’s screen content. On this special day we provide keynotes and workshops by experts that have transformed the media landscape of how content is disseminated and honed in respect to its target group and the market.”
- says Viola Gabrielli, Project Manager, KIDS Regio 

“In the last years we have been able to take up important industry issues like new forms of marketing & distribution strategies, the landscape of new digital players and markets, audience engagement possibilities, branding for children’s films in Europe and examples of how to measure success. Each year we focus on a particular theme that accompanies our whole year of activities. This year we explore collaboration within creative processes – and are bringing in kids as co-creators”
- says Annette Brejner, Head of The Financing Forum for Kids Content 

Children’s films are getting more and more relevant for the industry and childhood is constantly changing. The creative industry that is comprised of creators, distributors and exhibitors must continuously update their knowledge regarding preferences and needs of the young generation and integrate this information within the creating process. Especially in the process of development and production, collaboration is the key. With a line-up  of inspirational keynotes and a ThinkJam lab, The Opening Industry Day will investigate special bonds of collaboration as well as methods and techniques of audience engagement that can be accomplished particularly during the creative process.
The Opening Industry Day and the ThinkJam Lab are co-hosted by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, The State Chancellery of Thuringia, Creative Europe Desk Media Berlin-Brandenburg, Denmark and Sweden.
KIDS-Regio -as an imbedded project of the German Children’s Media Foundation GOLDEN SPARROW- is a sub-group of CineRegio, the European Network of regional film funds. From January 2016 Cine Regio has located its office, hosted by Film i Skåne, to the dynamic southern Swedish region Skåne.



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Annette Brejner
Head of The Financing Forum for Kids Content
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