EAVE SCHOLARSHIP 2018 in collaboration with The Financing Forum for Kids Content

EAVE SCHOLARSHIP 2018 in collaboration with The Financing Forum for Kids Content

We are excited to highlight our collaboration with EAVE and happy to announce that a full scholarship to participate in EAVE’s Marketing Workshop has been awarded to one of The Financing Forum’s 2018 Pitching Projects.

The scholarship goes to Tuffi Films from Finland and producer Sanna Kultanen with the project ‘Sihja’.

The EAVE Marketing Workshop offers a 360° hands-on marketing training on audience engagement and the latest market trends and strategies.

The scholarship covers participation fee, hotel and meals (but not travel).

The workshop will take place in the second half of November (4.5 days) in Luxembourg.

More info here: http://eave.org/programmes/eave-marketing-workshop-2017/


Kristina Trapp, CEO, EAVE states:

‘We are thrilled to continue our successful partnership with The Financing Forum and are happy to award Sanna Kultanen from Finland this year with the project ”Sihja” about the friendship of a city boy and a wild fairy. A strong and original project that will certainly benefit from the participation at both The Financing Forum and the EAVE Marketing Workshop to take it to the next level.’ 

Annette Brejner, Creative Director of The Financing Forum adds:

‘We see our collaboration with EAVE as a very important asset to what can be obtained by participating at The Financing Forum. Continuous training for producers is important and when we deal with content for kids it is an indispensable aspect for success. Marketing must be understood and integrated in the whole process of development and production by the producer. This scholarship makes it possible for the selected producer.

We congratulate Tuffi Films and producer Sanna Kultanen and look forward to follow her process with Sihja’.