We celebrate 5 years anniversary for our initiative for documentaries, REALYOUNG in 2019!

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We celebrate 5 years anniversary for our initiative for documentaries,

REALYOUNG in 2019!

New ways of reaching young audiences - To lift real life stories for young viewers to the next level, RealYoung initiative brings together creators, funders, distributors, publishers and everyone else targeting younger audiences.

RealYoung is a 3-step programme where creators, funders, experts and publishers together with young experts will develop, present and network with the aim of bringing great real life stories for kids or youth across borders to an international audience.

We are now calling for six documentary projects aimed at younger audiences to take part in RealYoung 2019. 

Read more about the call, the program, the work-shop and how to submit: HERE

RealYoung is a joint initiative between EDN, IDFA and The Financing Forum for Kids Content.


If you are a producer without a selected project at the Forum (or you have a project in a state too early for submission), you can attend as an observer. Distributors can benefit from attending as observers as well. This offers an invaluable opportunity to network with leading professionals in the children's media field. The Financing Forum for Kids Content is an open platform where broadcasters and other decision-makers will clearly announce their requests and give advice on how to prepare best for future applications and participation. Furthermore, The Financing Forum offers a series of keynotes, case studies, expert meet ups and training opportunities during The Opening Industry Day in collaboration with KIDS Regio. As an observer you can attend all three days, sign up for workshops, set up meetings with present decision-makers or future co-production partners and network at our social events in the evening, during lunches and coffee breaks.      

Check out our website here to make your choice of accreditation !

As a producer you will be able to benefit from 

  • launch a project and make a buzz
  • connect to financiers, broadcasters and other decision-makers and get your name out there
  • get a testing ground for your presentation and trailer
  • advance the way you understand your project and the way you communicate it
  • learn from the feed-back from our experts
  • learn what works for the crowd
  • meet future co-production- and other partners
  • schedule one-to-one meetings with financiers/broadcasters/decision makers
  • prepare for your next project
  • attend workshops and seminars on relevant topics such as successful co-productions, various opportunities for new formats, alternative ways to license, finance and distribute new content, to understand the roles and needs of the new players (VoD-players) and thus help in making decisions around the selection of “middlemen” and rights explotation as well as how to engage with the young audiences
  • gaining individual support for your own projects from the experts of the workshops and seminars
  • being inspired by the visions, idea’s and experimental projects of others

SUBMISSION DEADLINE for the main section pitching events 2019 is December 6th!

More about our submission rules and regulations here!


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