Through the years, our Pitching Events have led to the improvement of the quality of the projects and of storytelling for kids. The personal interaction is crucial to us – it's about chemistry.

To see pitching fees or if your project has been selected, go to the ACCREDITATION page to register.

For questions regarding pitching, please contact Line Producer Maritte Sørensen / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Pitching System at The Financing Forum for Kids Content has these benefits for producers:

  • To launch a project and make a buzz
  • To connect to decision-makers and get your name out there
  • To get a testing ground for your presentation and trailer
  • To advance the way you understand your project and the way you communicate it
  • To learn from the feedback from our experts
  • To learn what works for the crowd
  • To meet future co-production and other partners
  • To schedule one-on-one meetings with decision-makers
  • To prepare for your next project
  • To be inspired by the visions, ideas and experimental projects of others

The pitching takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of Malmö where an audience of industry professionals will participate as observers.

Moderator: Ove Rishøj Jensen, EDN

Pitching Sessions: 5 + 5 minutes

Each team will have exactly 5 minutes to pitch followed by 5 minutes of proposals and comments from the moderator and present desicion-makers.

  • The pitching is done by the producer and a maximum of two other people chosen by the producer.
  • After the 5 minutes of pitching the moderator will pose questions to producers and highlight potentials of each project.
  • The producers and our present decision-makers can schedule private one-to-one meetings to intensify the dialogue.
  • ObserversPlus at The Financing Forum will have an opportunity to schedule meetings with the participating decision-makers and other producers. These meetings will be set up in accordance to time slots available and after acceptance from the requested person. Please go to the ACCREDITATION page to register as an Observer.