Programme 2019


The whole 2019 programme, all slots, all 3 days, takes place at: Folk, Mat & Möten

Olof Palmes Plats 1, 214 44 Malmö

Tuesday March 12 

09:00-13:00 RealYoung Workshop 5th Anniversary / by pre-registration only

Accreditation desk at Folk, Mat & Möten Opens at 12:00

The Opening Industry Day 2019 in collaboration with KIDS Regio starts at 13:00

13:00 Particapatory Design Track, facilitated by Inga Von Staden

Opening Keynotes

14:30 -18:45 Parallel Track: Immersive & Digital Factual

14:30 -18:45 Co-creation with Young Experts Work-Shop /by pre-registration only

19:00-20:30 Opening Cocktail Mingle with a nice welcome from ECFA

Wednesday March 13

Country of Focus 2019: Finland!

Pitching Event 1

Networking Lunch 1 hosted by The Finnish Film Foundation

One to One meetings

The Financing Forum Dinner, venue tba

Thursday March 14

Pitching Event 2

Networking Lunch 2

One to One meetings


End of The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2019

More details on the programme 2019 soon!


Program subject to changes