The Opening Industry DAY 2019

KIDS Regio is thrilled to co-host The Opening Industry Day as the Opening Industry Hub of The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2019. 

Venue: Folk, Mat & Möten

Participatory Design Track

This conference track will focus on implementing a user-centered design approach in the creation of kids’ media. In other words, we will look at having children and young teens actively participate in the development of content and formats, to help the creators, producers, commissioning editors and funders gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

The Track consists of Opening Lectures and a Work-shop and is facilitated by Inga Von Staden, Germany

Tuesday 12th March 2019 – 13:00-18:45 

Opening Lectures (open plenary session)

13:00 - 14:15

Participatory Design, Case Study and Best Practise

-        philosophy of user-centered design, qualitative research vs. quantitative statistics, design methods, creative collaboration

         process, challenges, insights, principle approach, method practiced.....

Speakers: Inga von Staden and others


14:30  – 18:45 

Workshop (on invitation only)

NB: Please join our Parallel Track on Immersive & Digital Factual from 2.30 pm if you are not participant of the work-shop.

Building Worlds together, The Plot Machine, Grown Ups are shuffled between tables, play-do, Commissioning Editors, Funders and Producers, Students Facilitators, Country Declarations – are just some of the buzz words for our four phases 2019 co-creating with the target group work-shop will emphasize.

As the work-shop unfold and insights are gained, it will all be summed up and collected into meaningful and written reflections or inspirational guidelines, that we will share with all the Forums guests as a take away, on the screen during the Pitching Event 1 on Wednesday March 13th 


Opening Cocktail Mingle at Folk, Mat & Möten with a nice welcome from ECFA


 Program subject to changes