ThinkJam with Paul Tyler & Thomas Vigild

Facilitators: Paul Tyler (Handling Ideas, Denmark) and Thomas Vigild (Headmaster at Vallekilde Game Academy, Denmark)

Co-Tutor: Nicole Kellerhals (dramaturge X-Filme, Germany)

Venue: HIPP / Time: 15:00 - 20:00

At our creative lab ThinkJam we will on two afternoons challenge creatives for kids content from all fields/sectors to backtrack their ideas and examine the actual theme in order to make this original idea  even better. Within this process the workshop involves the target group itself and brings them in as co-creators. This also underpins our utmost principle: to take children with  their needs, interests, problems and ideas serious.

Attendency at ThinkJam Lab for pre-selected participants is included in the  all-access observer accreditation fee. (Fully booked)

Every idea, every project, every concept starts with a spark of imagination. And those sparks stem from a vast pool of general  themes - important themes universal to all of us about life, death and the world around us. ThinkJam challenges creatives from all fields to backtrack their ideas, reverse-engineer their thoughts and travel with their good ideas back to the very roots. Back to  the sparks and when the idea was first hatched. At ThinkJam we want to take you on a journey together with your idea and venture back into the pool of themes - all in order to make your original idea even better, broader and to generate a bigger  impact with a larger audience. And to get you there you’ll get to work alongside your actual target audience - the kids.

Why have we created the ThinkJam?

Audiences are becoming increasingly influential and active in the way media is envisioned, selected, created, produced,  distributed and exhibited. Kids should not be the exception.

What will you get out of the ThinkJam?

A method for developing media concepts that brings the audience closer to the creative process whilst retaining and enhancing the role of the creative.

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