THE OPENING INDUSTRY DAY 2018 in cooperation with KIDS Regio


The Realities of Storytelling for Kids in VR”

An Immersive Storytelling Experience produced for The Financing Forum for Kids Content by storycentralLabs UK

Digital technology developments are reshaping our industry and influencing the audience. After Augmented Realty, Virtual Reality is one of the recent technological developments within the business world, with an attraction also for young users. Virtual Reality opens up a new reality, a multidimensional view into a virtual world that has the potential to engage the audience emotionally through their user experiences. Museums and cinemas are embracing these innovative forms of creating virtual worlds to attract visitors. Some producers have taken up this new technical possibility and are creating 360 degree story experiences such as those at Google Spotlight Stories. Children’s media professionals are also exploring new possibilities to reach their audience. 

Tuesday 13th March 2018 – 1:00pm-8:30pm

Narrative Design, Experience Design & Emotional Design - Get the right tools!

Take a deep dive into four enthralling immersive projects:

A wild and crazy fairy tale in VR, a hungry dinosaur, embroidery leaves and subtleness, enchanting Kenyan wildlife and co-creation of an immersive experience in the company of young experts.

Welcome to the Opening Industry Day 2018!

We have invited international experts/speakers who take us to a deep dive into their most intriguing immersive works, that will set out the new way of creating multidimensional story worlds with a special focus on children as the target audience.

These top creative producers, story world developers and artists will show case their artworks and will shed light on the fundamentals of immersive storytelling. They will explain some of the more challenging aspects of telling stories in VR for children as well as guide you through the elements of creating VR experiences and emotional designs.

Designed specifically for all media content creators, producers, commissioning editors and distributors, this exclusive Immersive Storytelling Experience will make participants understand how storytelling works in different realities and to map out how future young audiences will look at immersive media tools.

To round up the day, a limited number of participants will have the possibility to sign up for an exclusive Immersive Storytelling Experience in co-creation with Young Experts. Guided by our international experts you will experiment in small groups together with Young Experts on how stories can be transformed into a 360/VR experience.

Please note, that the seating for this part will be limited, extra registration is required & participation is binding.

If you’d like to participate in the second half, send an email to Viola Gabrielli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will close the registration after the first 40 have signed up.

In the evening, a Cocktail Reception will follow along with invitation to mingle and try some more Virtual Reality Experiences.

The Opening Industry Day is held in collaboration with Creative Europe Desk Netherlands



Venue: HIPP / Time: 13:00-19:30 /  Accreditation Desk opens at 12:00

13:00-14:00 Producers meets Producers & Decisionmakers meets Decisionmakers 

14:00-18:00 The Realities of Storytelling for Kids in VR / Keynote / Cases / Work-shop co-creation with kids


Alison Norrington, storycentral, UK on VR genres & why VR? Narrative Design, Experience Design & Emotional Design / Animation vs live action vs rollercoaster vs documentary vs game / Signposts as game design throughout the experience...

Five Speakers/Experts present their stories created for VR:

Geoffrey Lillemon & Anita Fontaine of the Department of New Realties (WKDPTNR), W+K, NL The Senseless Fairytale

Peter Caddock, Studio Liddell, UK Feed the Titanosaur/The Lost Camera

Pernilla Belfrage, SE The Garden of Thoughts

Martin Percy, UK VIRRY VR


IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING EXPERIENCE work-shop in co-creation with Young Experts

Our five experts will work as mentors and together with our young experts,

who will be German, Danish and Swedish Youngsters of 9 – 16 years old, participants will dive into the creation process

and re-create a scene from a well known fairytale into VR.

Please note, that the seating for this part will be limited, extra registration is required & participation is binding.

If you’d like to participate in the second half, send an email to Viola Gabrielli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will close the registration after the first 40 have signed up.


19:00-20:30 Industry Mingel: Don't miss to try a curated pre-selection of VR experiences

Participants will be encouraged to stay for cocktail reception and try a curated pre-selection of VR experiences.


Do join us to get all the knowledge, share ideas and become one step wiser in understanding our sophisticated target group, and follow up on new ways of how to connect with it even if that involves rethinking methods and policies. To register, go to Accreditation

*Programme in more detail coming soon 


Objective of The Opening Industry Day during The Financing Forum for Kids Content is to support and improve the development, production, financing, distribution and access of media content for children by recognizing the specifics of the young audience and increase young audience’s viewing of innovative, high quality and multi-faceted children’s content across Europe.