Selection for 2018 will be announced no later than January 25th 2018!

Selection Criteria:

Highest priority is given to the projects which are deemed to have:

  • Creative ideas and high artistic standards
  • Commercial potential for international distribution
  • Qualified production team
  • Strong financing potential
  • Willingness to and potential for co-production

The Selection Committee consist of a group of at least three established representatives of the film and media industry.
The Selection Committee represent at least two different European countries.

Participating producers will get an exclusive pitching meeting with our moderator and pitch expert the day before they pitch. This should give the producers the chance to go through the pitch and become even more prepared to present their project in the open arena pitch-session.

If your project has been selected, go to the ACCREDITATION page to register.

Gigglebug Pre-school Comedy 3-6 year olds TV, apps, e-books Anima Boutique Anttu Harlin Finland
Guided by Ghosts Family adventure/drama 9-14 year olds App, online, film, TV, live events, novels etc. Breidablick Film Production AB Gila Bergqvist Ulfung Sweden
Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins Game for tablet and mobile 3-7 year olds TV, Film, tablet, mobile Maipo Films Kristin Ulseth Norway
IB Fiction/Animation 2-6 years ols TV, web, tablet MiniCosmos ApS Lise Saxtrup Denmark
The Snowflakes Animation Family/ 6-10 Cinema, TV, Tablet, Smart Phone Nice Ninja - Denmark
Twin Pigs Kindergarden sitcom 3-6 years old TV, tablets, smartphones Kongo Interactive Henrik Danstrup Holst Denmark
Valkyria Fairy tale/Fantasy Primary: Girls 11-13, Secondary: Girls 13-17, Families Feature Film, Internet, Book, Live Events KORE Film and Transmedia Anna Nevander Sweden/Norway