Submission for 2017 opens in October

For questions regarding submissions: Please contact Operations Manager Catherine Champagne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To make a submission for The Financing Forum for Kids Content 2017, you must sign up for an account.

 The Financing Forum is exclusively aimed for:

• The production of films, TV, games, apps and cross+ trans media for children and youths up to the age of 15. 
• Full length films or series + multiplatform
• Productions aimed at Cinema and/or multiplatform
• Focus on Live Action 
• Co-productions from Europe
• Professional Production Companies

Dead-line for submission 2017: December 8th
The application shall contain:

  • 1 fully-completed Project Entry Form
  • Synopsis: 500 characters
  • Style: 240 characters
  • Cross Media Strategy: 380 characters
  • Director/Producer Statement: 360 characters
  • Director Bio: 310 characters
  • Producer Bio: 310 characters
  • Production Company Profile: 160 characters
  • Goals at the Financing Forum: 200 characters
  • Producers e:mail
  • Companys web-site
  • Contactperson; Name/Lastname
  • Adress/ ZIP/ City/ Country
  • Contactpersons e:mailer (Swedish applicants; Organisation no.)
  • Phonenumber (+ country code)
  • VAT number
  • Target audience
  • Platforms
  • Treatment - max 2 pages - PDF upload
  • Budget summary - max 1 page - PDF upload
  • Financial structure – max 1 page - PDF upload
  • Letters of intent or commitment - PDF upload
  • Portrait photo of: Producer and Director – TIFF, PDF, jpg or EPS upload (300dpi)

Nota Bene: Please be aware, that the text and the visuals you submit about the project, is what we bring in the printed catalogue, if the project is selected for pitching at The Financing Forum. Which means, that spelling mistakes, incorrect information, bad quality visuals or other will be printed in the catalouge. (Visuals need 300dpi for printing.) Please check your submission beforehand, to have the best printed presentation of your project.

At the point of application the project shall have finalized at least 10% of the financing. This financing shall be presented with at least a signed "Letter of Intent" from a financier with the granted sums defined.

The budget shall be in Euro and all documentation shall be presented in English. A maximum of two projects per company can be entered.
Producers can apply without a director attached.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Submissions in other languages than English, are not accepted. Submissions with budgets in other currencies than Euro, will not be accepted.

For questions regarding submissions: Operations Manager Catherine Champagne